Dear Members of the Diocesan Family

A New Roman Catholic Bishop of Townsville:
Fr Timothy Harris, currently the Parish Priest of Surfers Paradise is to be the next and sixth Bishop of Townsville, following Bishop Michael Putney.

I emailed Fr Timothy congratulating him and assuring him of the prayers of the Anglicans of the Diocese of North Queensland. I have drafted a more formal letter assuring him that we will be praying for him as he moves from his Parish to his new ministry role. It is quite a transition.

Also please pray for the people of the Townsville Diocese as they have been waiting for some time for a new Bishop. We give thanks for the ministry of Fr Mick Lowcock who has been the Administrator of the Diocese for the past nearly three years, as well as being the Parish Priest at Mount Isa.

I have to be honest and say I was delighted to hear the news and I feel the little group of us who meet regularly can resume.

It is my understanding that an episcopal ordination will be held in early May. I will let the Diocesan family know when the date is announced.

 Mrs Carolyn Kennell who has undergone surgery and is recovering well.
 The Reverend Heather Cahill, the Townsville Hospital Chaplain, is recovering from illness.
 The Reverend Scott Hedley and the family. Scott's back is still of concern.
 The Dean and Mrs Penny MacDonald as they take leave later this month for a well-earned rest.
 For The Reverend Chris Yule as he concludes his ministry at Whitsunday, as he continues his rehab and plans to move. The last couple of years have been challenging for Chris and we pray that he can settle down and take it easy for a while.
 For the people who are discerning the will of God in regard to a call to the Diocese of North Queensland.
 For the St. Mark's College Council and the Diocesan Council as they continue to work through a number of issues.
 As the Registry seeks to appoint a replacement for Tina.
 For the new chaplain for James Cook University, Crystal Greive, as she commences her ministry.

Thank you:
Robin and I thank you very much for your prayers for Robin. I am pleased to report that we now have a diagnosis and Robin has turned the corner and is improving. She will have to take it easy for a while as she continues to gain in strength, but a big thank you to all.

The Friends of the Cathedral:
This past Wednesday, it was a delight to Chair the AGM of the Friends. The Cathedral is the Mother Church of the Diocese and I strongly urge you to become a member. I have taken some information off the web page and have attached it for your consideration.

St. Luke’s Parish CATSIM:
At the end of 2016 I licensed The Rev. Victor Joseph as Locum in the Parish of St Luke’s Cairns (CATSIM), for a period of twelve months. Fr Victor also continues in his role as Principal at Wontulp-Bi-Buya College. We wish Fr Victor, the Churchwardens Mrs Loryanna Smith and Mr Danny Lui and the parish every blessing for 2017.

Clergy Over 70 Licenses:
I remind all clergy over the age of 70 years of the requirement to apply to the Bishop to have their licence renewed. See Canon 2 - 19.

University and Schools:
Schools have been back for two weeks or a little longer. We pray for those who are starting university this year. We also pray for those who are returning to another year of learning.

The Anglican Representative on the James Cook University (JCU) Chaplaincy Committee:
Our new representative is The Reverend Dway Goon Chew. We assure Dway of our prayers. Dway is also a graduate of JCU.

The Royal Commission and the General Synod Office:
This information arrived on Thursday evening from the General Synod Office:

In the context of the Royal Commission’s current hearing into the Catholic Church, the publication of its report on the CEBS case study is likely to attract media attention when tabled in Parliament on Monday.

Please pray for the Royal Commissioners, the General Synod Royal Commission Working Group and all who are involved in the current hearings.

On the 24th of this month, I will be attending a Professional Standards day in Brisbane. It is important that as a Diocese we have our processes up to date and care for those who the Church did not care for adequately in the past.

World Day of Prayer:
This year the World Day of Prayer is on Friday 3 March. Please find attached a brochure with this Bulletin for the Townsville region. There will be services in each of our communities, so I urge all people to seek out where and at what time services will be held.

I fully support these services. I have said before, that as Christians we generally agree on about 95% of theology. One of the tragedies is that some people spend 95% of their time arguing about the 5% we do not agree on.

This year is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his theses on the Wittenberg Cathedral door. I know some people and parishes are touring to Europe and I pray you have safe travels and a blessed time. Please pray for our Lutheran sisters and brothers.

Some Lenten Resources:
Anglican Overseas Aid - the little booklet "Giving up, Taking Up". Copies are available on the web.

The Archbishop of Canterbury's Lenten book "Dethroning Mammon: making money serve grace"
A Bloomsbury publication.

Bishop Rutherford book "A Little Book about a Big Story - God's grand plan from creation to new
creation". This was the book that the recent retreat was based on.

Bishop John Ford - Bishop of the Murray - "Spare a Minute" from Grassroots Publications.

These days the internet contains many resources and study sermons by St. Hilary's Kew and other
Churches have Bible Reading Studies. It is worth a browse!

Wishing thou every blessing.
Yours in Christ

The Right Reverend William (Bill) Ray
Bishop of North Queensland

Sexual Abuse contact line: 1800 242 544 or 07 3835 2266

World Day of Prayer flyer
The Friends of St James’ Cathedral
“To glorify God through our support of the life of the Cathedral and to
preserve it as both a living sacred space and as a dynamic community centre.”

As Members our aims are to:
Extend the influence of the Cathedral in the Diocese and City of Townsville
Help to ensure, for future generations, the presence and security of a great building which continues to be an inspiration to all who visit it
Encourage the development of community interest and contact with the Cathedral to promote pastoral, cultural and historical programs
Support the Chapter in their concern for the physical welfare of the Cathedral
Provide support for Cathedral events
Provide support through regular financial membership
Act as stewards and/or guides to exercise a ministry to visitors
Assist in the Cathedral Gift Shop (when established)
Provide financial support for particular projects that help to maintain or enhance the Cathedral
Sponsor social events and assist with their organisation, including catering
Sponsor events where members of the Cathedral community and invited guests may have an exchange of views on matters of mutual interest and/or learn more about activities of the Cathedral
Support social events which can provide opportunities for networking and outreach to the wider community
Actively seek to expand membership

As a Member you will be able to:
Support the life of the mother church of the Diocese
Support the conservation of a national treasure
Participate in caring for the Cathedral, maintaining its worship and fabric, enhancing its beauty and extending its influence in the Diocese and City of Townsville
Join a world-wide community of people who support the Cathedral, have an interest in its life and share a concern for its physical welfare.
Receive invitations to attend occasional social gatherings where you can meet other people with similar interests and enjoy good fellowship.
Receive advance notice of special Cathedral events, including Services of Worship, Music Recitals and other activities of interest
Receive a regular copy of the Cathedral’s newsletter “The Anglican Visitor”
Receive a regular copy of the Friends Newsletter

Please contact Friends at e-mail:

Membership Fees: Ordinary Membership $30, Family $40, Corporate $250, Life $500, Concession (Student/Pensioner) $20, Remote $20.

Corporate Membership includes one free advertisement in the Newsletter.

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