Bishop Bill’s Bulletin

Dear Members of the Diocesan Family

St. Mark's College:
It was with much sadness that I announced yesterday to the staff and residents of St. Mark's College, that the College will close at the end of this semester. Please find attached a Press Release that was made available when the announcement was made to the College community.  St-Marks College Press Release Re-Closure

As you are aware the Ministry Conference has been cancelled.

In regard to Synod, I am very conscious that accommodation is very expensive over that weekend because of the V8 Supercar Race. As a result, those who have booked, or those who wish to book can still use the College for the weekend. There will be areas that are blocked off due to termite damage and other matters. I ask that you follow the instructions of the Principal.

Clergy Day:
I will hold a day for clergy on Friday 7th July from 10.00am to 3.00pm in the Diocesan Board Room. There are a number of issues that I wish to raise and discuss. A simple lunch will be provided.
Please confirm your attendance to Julie for catering purposes.

St. Barnabas Day:
The Church honours St. Barnabas on the 11th June. Because Trinity Sunday fell on the 11th June this year, the Trinity took precedence. So, St. Barnabas was transferred to Monday 12th.
We pray for Brother Robin, a member of the Brotherhood of St. Barnabas and we give thanks for the ministry of the Brotherhood over many years in this Diocese, including at St. Mark's College.
In Acts 4:36 we read, "There was a Levite, a native of Cyprus, Joseph, to whom the apostles gave the name Barnabas (which means “son of encouragement”)". I often reflect, whether as Christians we encourage one another enough. Encouraging people in their ministry, encouraging people to grow in faith, encouraging people to seek Christ are all important and valuable ministries. We are to be encouragers for the sake of the Gospel.

Bishop Kay Goldsworthy:
Kay is the Bishop of Gippsland and has been awarded an AO in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for her contribution to her pioneering of women's ministry. We congratulate Kay on her award.

United Kingdom:
We pray for the United Kingdom as they work through the election results and seek to move forward.  However, we pray for all nations as they address the rise of terrorism. Please pray for our Prime Minister and the relevant Ministers of our Governments as well as the Police and Intelligence Officers as they continually seek to care for our safety.

I thank everyone who attend the Commissioning of Fr Honorio Hincapie as Priest in the Parish of the Whitsundays last Friday evening. The Church was comfortably full and I know some people travelled long distances to be with Honorio and the people of the Parish. Thank you for making the effort and I thank the Parish for the refreshments that followed the service and for providing breakfast on Saturday morning. I ask for your prayers for Honorio and the Parish.

The preacher at the Friday evening Synod service will be The Most Reverend Timothy Harris, the new Roman Catholic Bishop of Townsville.

The Reverend Chris Yule is in Intensive Care. His condition is stable.
Deacon Eric Pitt is out of Intensive Care but still in hospital following his surgery.

Four Corners:
I viewed this week's ABC Four Corners programme on the Moonlight State. While I knew many of the situations raised, I was stilled, shocked and horrified as to what took place back then.
I have been praying and reflecting since viewing the programme. It is important that we continually maintain and live by the Gospel standards as well as maintaining our integrity.
One of the baptismal and confirmation promises is to renounce evil. It is important that we do renounce evil. Too often Christians, and I include myself in this, have remained quiet when we should have spoken up. Let us speak up, act and be counted.

Georgetown Peace Monument:
The Georgetown community have built a permanent monument dedicated to peace, which will become the focus of an annual event to promote worldwide peace. The inaugural Peace Day Picnic will be held on Saturday 9 September 2017. The small community has limited resources, however, they are trying to source a bell to become a permanent feature of the monument and to be tolled at appropriate times throughout the ceremony in September. Should you know of any church bell that is no longer required, and your parish would be happy to gift it to Georgetown, please let me know.

Wishing you every blessing and be assured of my prayers.

Yours in Christ

The Right Reverend William (Bill) Ray
Bishop of North Queensland

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