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The major synod mailing has been posted. Also, the documents have been sent electronically to those who made this request. If you have not received your synod documents by now please contact the Registry.

Once again Robin and I will be supplying a light meal from 5.30pm on Friday 7 July.

The Opening Service on the Friday evening is being prepared by the Southern Region of the Diocese. It will be a non-Eucharistic Service. I thank The Reverend John McKim for overseeing this ministry. The preacher at this service will be the new Roman Catholic Bishop of Townsville, The Most Reverend Timothy Harris.

On the Sunday morning at 8.00am, our worship will be at the Cathedral. I will be the celebrant and preacher. We will be celebrating Sea Sunday and giving thanks to God for ninety years of ministry by the Mission to Seafarers here in Townsville. Also, I will be blessing two new stained glass windows; a small Trinity window and a stained glass window in thanksgiving for ninety years of MtS ministry.
Glencore is providing morning tea following the service.

I urge parishioners who live locally in Townsville to attend the 8.00am Synod Service. It is wonderful if we can be together and worship as a Diocesan family. As reported previously, Mackay is consolidating a Cluster Ministry. Every so often the Anglicans from the three churches of Mackay come together and worship. I was in Mackay recently and it was interesting to hear a leading person in that community, who is not an Anglican say, it is good to see the Anglicans come together showing that they are in union. The learning out of this for me is, you never know what people will notice and we never know how God will use our witness in the community.

Mothers Union will be having a Bookshop at Synod. The attached leaflet provides further details.

Synod Bookshop Flyer

Ministry Day Friday 7th July:
Due to the closure of St. Mark’s College, it was with deep regret that I cancelled the Clergy and Lay Ministry Conference. To provide an opportunity for people to catch up on ministry issues in the Diocese and the Anglican Communion, I will be holding a day from 10.00am to 3.00pm in the Board Room on Friday 7 July. Would you please let Julie know no later than midday on Wednesday 5th July if you are planning to attend, because the Diocese is supplying lunch. We do not want to over cater or under cater and also we need to know if you have any special dietary requirements. If you do please let Julie know.

I have been asked if people will be able to ask questions. The answer is yes. I would appreciate it if you let me know your questions before Wednesday of next week. The reason being is that it will help to plan the day and not waste time. The day will commence with Morning Prayer.

Townsville Hospital and Health Service (THHS):
I give thanks to God that Bevan Lobley has agreed to take on the co-ordination of ministry at THHS. Bevan has obtained all the necessary approvals and made an excellent start. Bevan worships at St.Matthew’s. Mrs Jan Somerville continues to provide a valuable ministry at THHS and is a parishioner of the Ascension Parish. Please pray for Bevan and Jan.

Bevan can be contacted on: 0417 602 868
If you would like to be a pastoral care visitor at the hospital, please contact either Bevan or Jan.

Last Sunday week I was at St. Alban’s Yarrabah, as it was the 125th anniversary of the establishment of the Church of England’s ministry at Yarrabah under the leadership of The Reverend John Brown Gribble.

During my sermon, I offered an apology for the way some of the residents of Yarrabah were treated by the Church in the 1957 strike.

Please continue to pray for the people of Yarrabah.

The Reverend Chris Yule has been moved from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to the ward. Chris is making good progress, but he will be in hospital for at least another week. I took Holy Communion to Chris and we had a very positive time.

The Reverend Eric Pitt is home from hospital following his surgery.Mrs Coleen Malcolm has undergone surgery recently and was back home, but was then readmitted to Hospital as a precaution. Please pray for Coleen, Bishop

Mrs Coleen Malcolm has undergone surgery recently and was back home, but was then readmitted to Hospital as a precaution. Please pray for Coleen, Bishop Arthur and the family at this time.

Sacrament for the sick and those in need:
Some of our parishes keep sacrament for those who are sick or in cases of emergencies. I have been deeply concerned of late that the sacrament in some instances has not been cared for in the appropriate way. In many cases there are far too many breads set aside. I have mentioned before, four or five breads is sufficient. In some cases the breads have been stored too long and weevils have gained entry into the bread box or ciborium. In one Parish recently the wine had mold growing in it. This is just unacceptable. For the Parishes that do set aside sacrament for illness or emergency please make sure you replace the sacrament at least every two weeks.

If the sacrament has weevils or is not suitable for use, please bury it in the garden and make sure you scald the vessels properly.

Wishing you every blessing and looking forward to catching up with many of you during Synod.

Yours in Christ

The Right Reverend William (Bill) Ray
Bishop of North Queensland


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