Dear Members of the Diocesan Family

Once again I thank the good folk of the Cathedral and the Principal, Board and staff of The Cathedral School, for hosting us again for this Synod. Both the Cathedral and The Cathedral School made sure we were comfortable for the various sessions and able to enjoy refreshments.

I also thank Glencore for supplying such a wonderful spread for brunch after our worship on Sunday. I have written to Glencore to thank them for their generosity.

I think we were all surprised when Synod concluded just before afternoon tea on the Saturday. As a result we had a ministry sharing session from afternoon tea to Evening Prayer. Several people commented how helpful they found this session. It is so easy to just focus on our Ministry Unit. As I said in my Presidential address there are many great things happening in the Diocese and we need to celebrate and give thanks to God for the blessings we receive and enjoy.

During that sharing session, The Reverend Craig Mischewski from Weipa shared how life has changed at Aurukun with about 1,000 people worshipping on a Sunday, along with other ministries such as Bible Studies, taking place. Craig also said within the community there were people who had been well trained to provide Christian leadership.

There has been a request for Wik Bibles. On the Sunday morning at the Cathedral there was a silent offering. $1335 was raised. I had not heard of a silent offering before, but it is silent because you only put notes in - not noisy coins!

A Wik Bible is a Creole Bible. I have made enquiries since Synod and we will not only be supplying Wik Bibles but some English Bibles as well.

I thank everyone who attended Synod, for their time, their good will and active participation. I thought the Synod had a positive feel about it.

In regard to the two new Canons, I plan to take to Diocesan Council an outline for the Regional Consultations following Synod, regarding how we can work together to implement the new Canons as we get used to the term ‘Ministry Unit’ instead of ‘Parish’. Our title now clearly states that our primary focus is the Ministry of Jesus Christ.

There has been various comments about the new Canons. The comment I heard often is that the new Canons are much easier to read and understand.

I know many Ministry Units have ministry plans, but now each Ministry Unit is required to have a Ministry Plan for each year, and the Ministry Plan is to be reviewed at each Annual General Meeting.

Both my Presidential Address and the State of the Diocese Address are on the Diocese’s website.

The Clergy Day - Last Friday:
I thank everyone who was able to attend. It was another positive day with many insights shared.
There will be follow up material coming out shortly.

The Reverend Canon Sharon Hayston:
Last Friday it was announced that I have appointed Sharon as the new Registrar of the Diocese. We welcome Sharon to her new position and assure her of our prayers.

Long Service Leave:
Robin and I will be taking Long Service Leave from Monday 24th July to Sunday 27th August. We are visiting our family in Dallas Texas and then traveling and catching up with family in England. I looking forward to this break and it is certainly my prayer that I return refreshed.

The Right Reverend Ron Williams:
I am thankful that Bishop Ron will be the locum Bishop. Bishop Ron and Katie will be staying at the Lodge.

The Archdeacon will be the commissary.

Welcome - Two Locums:
We welcome two clergy who are acting as locum in the Diocese. The Reverend John Arnold is locum at the Church of the Good Shepherd Edge Hill and The Reverend James Ramsey is the locum at the Ross River Ministry Unit.

The Funeral of the Late Reverend Mary Eseli:
The Reverend Mary’s funeral will be held on Friday 21 July at Injinoo. The liturgical colour will be white. We continue to pray for the Reverend Erris, the family as well as the people of Injinoo at this time.

The Cathedral School:
This next week is a big week for The Cathedral School as they celebrate their centenary. We congratulate the school on this important milestone and we assure the school of our love and prayers and pray that the various activities are a blessing to all who attend.

• The Reverend Allan Buckingham as he undergoes a medical procedure.
• The Reverend Scott Hedley as he will probably undergo surgery shortly.

Please be assured of my prayers as we go forth in faith.

Yours in Christ

The Right Reverend William (Bill) Ray
Bishop of North Queensland

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