Dear Members of the Diocesan Family,

Please continue to pray for the Reverend Scott Hedley, Bec and family as Scott recovers from back surgery. Scott has been discharged from hospital and is recovering at his family home.

There are several members of the Diocesan family who have been in hospital or are to undergo surgery shortly. We give thanks to God for those who are recovering, those who are undergoing surgery and those who are waiting for medical results.

In the Diocese:
The Reverend Annette Woods is to be the Missioner and Priest in Charge at Yarrabah as well as Hospital Chaplain at Cairns Hospital. Annette will be commissioned towards the end of January.

The Reverend Dr Kenneth Lay is the new Diocesan Chaplain for Mothers’ Union Australia.

The Reverend Stephanie Patching will be inducted as Rector on Friday evening 5th January at 6.00pm. All are welcome. The liturgical colour is white (for the Epiphany).

Hopefully, there will be other announcements next week.

Bishop Graham Walden entered his eternal rest and there will be a celebration of his earthly life and ministry this Friday in Dubbo.

Bishop Stuart Robinson of Canberra and Goulburn is retiring on Holy Saturday.

Bishop Andrew Curnow AM of Bendigo laid up his pastoral staff last Saturday.

Bishop Allan Ewing of Bunbury is laying up his pastoral staff this Saturday.

It is with sadness that Bishop Sarah Macneil of Grafton is retiring on medical grounds.

The Dean of Bendigo, John Roundhill is to be the new Bishop of the Southern Region of the Diocese of Brisbane.

Bishop Kay Goldsworthy AO, is being fare welled from Gippsland next weekend and she will be installed as Archbishop of Perth early next year.

The Role of the Bishop:
Recently we have had the School Speech Nights. Also of late I have had people ask me about the role of the Bishop in regard to The Good Shepherd Home (TGSH -Townsville) and Good Shepherd Lodge (GSL - Mackay). Some people are unsure about my role with AnglicareNQ.

The three schools, WAS (Mackay), TCS (Townsville) and TAS (Cairns) and the two Homes along with AnglicareNQ are separately incorporated companies. The Diocese is the Member (or joint member in one entity) of each off these companies and the Bishop is the representative of the Member.

Because the three schools, the two homes and AnglicareNQ are separately incorporated, The Bishop does not have any input into the management or the day to day running of each institution. The role the Bishop does have, is that he or she makes sure the company is financial. If the Member has concerns about the finances of the company, the Member can seek another audit or obtain financial advice in regard to the accounts.

That is the legal aspect. However, as Bishop I believe that it is vital that I maintain a supportive and pastoral role to each of the companies mentioned above. I keep in touch with the Boards through the Chairs, the staff through the Principals or CEO’s and have contact with residents or students when I lead worship or preach or both. I regard these links as very important. They are also great opportunities to share the faith.

Some may be asking about All Souls and St Gabriel’s School (ASSG). This school is independent of the Anglican Diocese of North Queensland, but I am pleased to say that I have a very positive relationship with the people of ASSG.

As mentioned earlier I have attended a number of Speech Nights, or Days, of late. Our students are very talented and skilled. The music on the evenings is nothing short of breathtaking. The DVD’s that are shown reveal the talents of our young people. The students who speak are just excellent. People sometimes ask me what I think about the future. I believe our young people will make excellent leaders in the future and we will be in good hands.

Also, we pray that all our young people will have a restful, relaxing and safe holiday and return to their studies refreshed in 2018.

The Cursillo Training day planned for the 16th December at Ingham has been postponed (not cancelled).

As mentioned earlier the next Cursillo will be both a male and female one with separate sessions for ladies and men. Please pray for Louie and Jacqui Gallo as they form their team and plan.

Also, there are some vacancies on team. If you believe you can give something back to Cursillo please contact the Gallo’s on 07 4095 0271.

Please find attached some further information, but please take into account the postponement of the Team Commissioning and
Faithfulness in Service Training.

North QLD Cursillo.pdf
Application form.pdf

Student Housing Survey:
Please find attached a Press Release published by Anglicare Australia. If you would like a copy of the complete book please contact my office or Anglicare Australia on
NUS student housing survey.pdf

Christmas Services:

The Christmas Worship times for most Ministry Units across the Diocese are included on the Diocesan website. I thank everyone for their contribution to this entry. This is great. Thank you.

Extraordinary Synod - 10th February 2018:
The Diocesan Council last evening approved the mailing for this Synod. Unlike an ordinary synod where there are three mailings, with the Extraordinary Synod there is only one mailing and this is being posted today.

The Diocesan Information Document (DID):
At last evening’s Diocesan Council Meeting the following motion was passed:

“As at 1st January 2018, the Diocesan Information Document (DID) updates will no longer be printed and distributed to Ministry Units. All updates to the DID will be available online at our web page, however, if people or Ministry Units require a hard copy they may contact the Registry Office to obtain a copy.”

Please make a note of this change.

Wishing you all the best and be assured of my prayers.
Yours in Christ


The Right Reverend William (Bill) Ray
Bishop of North Queensland


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