Dear Members of the Diocesan Family,

There is some confusion in regard to who can and cannot attend the Extraordinary Synod on Saturday 10 February 2018.

I have sought the advice of my Chancellor and the Secretaries of Synod. Their advice is as follows:

Anyone who was a member of the Synod in 2017 is still a member of Synod for the extraordinary Synod as it is a second sitting of the 2017 Synod.

Therefore any of the additional members, such as the three appointed licensed clergy who would not have been otherwise eligible are still members of Synod for this sitting of Synod. If a Ministry Unit lay rep was replaced for the 2017 Synod, then that replacement is still a member for this sitting of Synod.

The exception would be where a member of Synod is now not eligible/qualified or is unable to carry out their duties as a member of Synod, (ie. one of the other licensed clergy is now a rector). That position should be filled by election/appointment.

Clause 7 of Canon 1 is probably the most relevant in this case:

"Where an elected or appointed member of Synod resigns or dies, a replacement member may be elected or appointed in a similar manner by which the original member was elected or appointed up until the date which is seven days prior to the first day of a session of Synod. After that date such replacements can only be made by the Bishop, but shall be made in consultation with the original electing or appointing body."

Since the date of the first session of this Synod was Friday 7th July 2017, we are now well after seven days prior to that date (30th June 2017). Any "replacements can only be made by the Bishop, but shall be made in consultation with the original electing or appointing body".

 those who were members of Synod in July 2017 do not need to be reelected or reappointed.
 if there is a vacancy, or a member is not able to carry out their duties as a member of Synod, or is no longer eligible/qualified the Bishop may make a replacement.

So if a Ministry Unit has a member who is unable to attend Synod, the Ministry Unit is able to contact me and I am happy to explore a possible replacement.

This Extraordinary Synod is very important as it will be addressing the issues of child safety and child protection.

It is also important that we are in unison with the rest of the Anglican Church of Australia.

Please confirm your attendance for the February Synod for quorum and catering purposes to Shelley at:

Wishing you every blessing as you prepare for Lent.
Yours in Christ

The Right Reverend William (Bill) Ray
Bishop of North Queensland


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