Dear Members of the Diocesan Family,

Outgoing Chancellor – His Honor Judge John Coker:
Judge John Coker has been my Chancellor for all my time as Bishop of North Queensland. Before my time John served Bishop Noble as Chancellor for a period of twelve months. Both Bishop Noble and I have been deeply blessed with John’s guidance and wisdom. John has a clear mind and can sum up a situation very well. On a number of occasions John has been able to provide a rudder in debate. Not only that, John undertook his role with care and sensitivity. I will always value John’s advice. He has served the Diocese well. John will be my Chancellor until 15th September, 2018.
As a Diocese we thank John for his ministry and we wish John and Sue everything blessing for the future.

Incoming Chancellor – His Honor The Reverend Canon Greg Lynham:
Greg has accepted my invitation to be the next Chancellor as from the 16th September, 2018. Greg knows the Diocese well having been Registrar and a member of Diocesan Council and the Diocesan Executive. I know Greg will continue to provide me with excellent advice and he has the interests of the Diocese at heart.

The Registrar:
The Reverend Sharon Hayston has stepped aside as Registrar. I thank Sharon for her ministry as Registrar. Sharon undertook her ministry with extreme care and sensitivity. When registering documents, Sharon often made some very wise and insightful comments. Sharon has been and is a very caring person and I thank her for her leadership. Sharon has also completed her second term a Canon of St James Cathedral, holding the St Mark position. As you are probably aware, the term for a Canon is for five years with the option of another five year term.

The Reverend Victor Joseph:
The Reverend Victor Joseph has accepted my nomination as Canon of St. James Cathedral and will hold the St Mark Canonry. I thank The Reverend Victor for accepting my nomination and we assure him of our prayers. The Reverend Victor is the Principal of Wontulp-bi-Buya College in Cairns.

The Reverend Helen Houghton:
Helen is the part time Chaplain at Good Shepherd Home here in Townsville and is licensed to St. Matthew’s Mundingburra.
On a motion of the Mission to Seafarers Committee and the consent of the Liaison Bishop for the Mission to Seafarers, Helen has been appointed Chaplain to the Mission to Seafarers. We assure her of our prayers.

The Reverend Canon Ian McAlister:
At the time of writing, Ian’s health continues to deteriorate. The family have been in touch with me and I have said I would ask the Diocesan family to pray for Ian, Jill, Kate, Zara and Andrew and their loved ones at this time. Ian is very clear that he is ready to be with our Lord in glory. We rejoice in his faith and commitment to Christ and we pray he will know the peace of Christ as he continues his journey with the Lord.
There has been an entry on Facebook, with Ian’s self-portrait. It is a wonderful painting with a cross in the background, Ian is wearing a polo shirt with the Diocesan Crest. Apparently the crest has created quite a bit of discussion among people. I know the crest was important to Ian. I will keep the Diocesan family updated.

The Reverend Niki Power:
Niki’s ordination was Friday evening and was a great act of worship. I thank everyone who was involved in the liturgy and provided refreshments following the worship. We assure Niki of our prayers as she
continues in her ministry.
On the evening of the ordination the question was raised as to who has been ordained at Holy Trinity Mackay. I was able to name several and one was Ian McAlister. Ian was priested in 1971 at Holy Trinity,
forty seven years ago. If my memory is correct, we celebrated Ian’s 40th anniversary at Holy Trinity Mackay.

With Niki being made a deacon, I have been asked when Niki will celebrate Holy Communion. The answer to the question is, when Niki is priested. The ministry of a deacon is outlined in the Exhortation and
Examination on pages 785 - 787 of the complete prayer book, the red or blue prayer book. Liturgically a deacon leads the congregation into the confession, reads the Gospel, preaches (when invited)
and gives the dismissal. I mentioned in my sermon that a deacon is like a “boundary rider” who goes out into the community with the Gospel and brings the needs of the community back to the faith community so
that we can offer them to God in prayer. There is a real sense that this happens with Street Chaplaincy just to name one area.

From time to time I write in Bulletins, “Clergy are invited to robe and the liturgical colour is .....”. I have been made aware that this has caused some confusion for the laity. For this I apologise.

There are four main liturgical colours:
Purple for preparation such as Advent and Lent
White for celebration such as Christmas and Easter
Red for the Holy Spirit and giving thanks for martyrs
Green for growth in Christ

Clergy wear a stole - deacons is like a towel and the priest id either crossed or straight down and a bishop is straight down - and when I mention “the liturgical colour” I am inviting clergy to wear a stole of particular colour. It is not instructions to the laity. If you would like further information on this subject, please contact my office. I often refer to the liturgical year and liturgical colours in my sermons and provide a coloured handouts. In fact I will get it placed on our webpage in the next couple of days as well.

Prayer Points:
Please continue to use the prayer points from Bulletin 24/2018.

- Good Shepherd Lodge Mackay as it celebrates its birthday this week on Thursday.
- The many people who have been confirmed recently and those who are being confirmed in the next two weeks.

Wishing you every blessing.

Yours in Christ,
The Right Reverend William (Bill) Ray
Bishop of North Queensland

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