History of NQ Diocese

On 13 June 1883 Synodical Government was adopted in the Diocese following the passing of the Constitution for the Church of England in the Diocese of North Queensland. The Diocese was a member of the General Synod of dioceses in Australia and Tasmania. On 11 September 1883 Letters Patent were granted under the Religious Educational and Charitable Institutions Act 1861, to incorporate the Synod under the name of The Corporation of the Diocesan Synod of North Queensland. Section 12 of the Constitution requires all property of the Church in North Queensland, whether such property comprises parish, school or institution, to be vested in the Corporation.

In 1900 the Diocese of Carpentaria was formed from part of the northern area of North Queensland. In 1905 the then Bishops of Queensland agreed to a proposal to establish the Province of Queensland comprising the State of Queensland and the Northern Territory. A Constitution and Synodical Government was later approved.

In 1962 a new Constitution for the General Synod came into being with the formation of the Church of England in Australia, which in 1981 changed its name to the Anglican Church of Australia.

In 1996 the Diocese of Carpentaria was reincorporated into the Diocese of North Queensland, returning the Diocese of North Queensland back to a position similar to that prior to 1900.

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