37 McIlwraith Street, Ingham QLD 4850, Australia


Street Address: 37 McIlwraith Street, Ingham Qld 4850
Postal Address: PO Box 58, Ingham Qld 4850

Telephone:   07 4776 2014

Email Address: inghamholytrin@bigpond.com

This parish includes the worshipping communities at Holy Trinity (Ingham), All Souls (Victoria Estate), and John Oliver Feetham Memorial (Cardwell).

Holy Trinity (Ingham) - 37 McIlwraith Street,Ingham 4850
All Souls (Victoria Estate) - 10 Four Mile Road, Victoria Estate 4850
John Oliver Feetham Pioneer Memorial (Cardwell) - 45 Bruce Highway, Cardwell 4849


Please contact, Priest in charge, Rev Dr Rosemary Dunn.

PH: 4776 2014 / 0431 562 680


Services Times

Saturday 6:00pm Eucharist, Holy Trinity, Ingham
Sunday 7:30am Eucharist, All Souls, Victoria Estate
Sunday 9:30am Eucharist, Holy Trinity, Ingham
Sunday 9:00am Morning Prayer, John Oliver Feetham,(JOF) Pioneer Memorial (Cardwell)
Sunday 10:00am Rochingham Nursing Home, Cardwell
Thursdays 5:00pm Eucharist, JOF Cardwell
1st & 3rd Tuesdays  9:30am  Blue Haven Lodge
1st Wednesday 10:30am   Palms Nursing Home
 2nd & 4th Thursday  9:30am Canossa Nursing Home 

Meetings & Parish Activities

Mainly Music Wednesdays 9:30am Conroy Hall Ingham

Cafe' Connect

For those with dementia & their carers

1st Thursday 9:30am Conroy Hall, Ingham
Mothers Union 3rd Thursday 9:00am Conroy Hall, Ingham

Further information

37 McIlwraith Street, Ingham 4850


37 McIlwraith Street, Ingham QLD 4850, Australia

Contact Us

Phone:(07) 4771 4175

Fax:(07) 4721 1756

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St. James Place
155 Denham St


Postal Address:

PO Box 1244


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