Upper Tablelands

18 Moore Street, Ravenshoe QLD 4888, Australia


Street Address: 18 Moore Street, Ravenshoe QLD 4888
Postal Address: PO Box 309, Ravenshoe QLD 4888

Telephone: 07 4097 6910
Fax: 07 4097 5200

Email: woodland64@bigpond.com.au 

This parish includes the worshipping communities at St Barnabas (Ravenshoe), St Michael and All Angels (Millaa Millaa), and St David's (Mount Garnet) and Innot Hot Springs.

St Barnabas (Ravenshoe) – 18 Moore Street, Ravenshoe 4888
St Michael and All Angels (Millaa Millaa) – Maple Street, Millaa Millaa 4886
St David's (Mount Garnet) – Garnet Street, Mount Garnett 4872


Priest - Rev'd Jo DeLeeuw

Service Times

Sunday: 9:30am St. Barnabas (Ravenshoe)
  1,2 & 4th Sunday Anglican liturgy
  3rd Uniting Church liturgy
  5th Sunday - "Peoples' Service"
 Sunday: 4:00pm St. Michael and All Angels (Millaa Millaa)
  2, 3 & 4th 

Uniting Church Ministers - Sharron Linwood, Paul and Margaret Russell

Uniting Church Elder - Mavis Smith

Meetings & Parish Activities


Meetings - Weekly:

Choral Group sings in St. Barnabas (Ravenshoe), Tuesdays 10.00am.

Prayer Meeting at St. Barnabas (Ravenshoe), Wednesday 5.00pm.

Youth Group at St. Barnabas (Ravenshoe), Thursday at 3.30pm.

Choral Group sings in St. Barnabas’ - Tuesdays 10.00 am.


Ladies Morning Tea in alternately in Millaa Millaa and Ravenshoe.

Parish Activities:

Weekly Bible Study/ Fellowship Groups at a number of locations and times - contact Rev. Bill Woodland.

World day of Prayer and special Christmas Services (In all three major centres).   

"Torimba" Festival Service in October - St. Barnabas (Ravenshoe)

Ecumenical Prayer and Praise - St. David’s (Mt Garnet)

Religious Education classes at Ravenshoe State School Primary Campus.

Further information

18 Moore Street, Ravenshoe QLD 4888, Australia

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St. James Place
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